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Safety is Paramount. TEI offers a variety of safety services to help protect your company and your employees.

Rope Access
Appropriate rope access training allows our aerial inspectors to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles, or an aerial work platform. IRATA/SPRATA training was completed by our Field Manager, Adam Gale, through Canadian Rope Access Specialists (CRAS) in British Columbia.

Safe Climbing and Basic High Angle Rescue Techniques Course (SCBHART)
Climbing personnel are required to complete a Fall Protection Course, which ensures that employees understand the risks, rules, and regulations associated with climbing. Our course takes this one step further and teaches employees how to actually climb and access common structures. Our course ensures that employees utilize safe climbing techniques and they are attached to the structure at all times.

The SCBHART course teaches employees basic rigging skills and teaches clients how to effectively use steel anchors, run rescue ropes, and how to safely descend to a casualty and bring them to the bottom of the structure. SCBHART also teaches some basic self-rescue techniques.

After completion of our training course, employees can participate in rescue awareness and rescue plan development with confidence.

Rescue Plan
Law mandates having a thorough and effective rescue plan. We are here to help. Our experienced engineering and aerial teams will help you develop thorough and effective rescue plan suite to your company and industrial needs.

Safety Plan
Having a safety plan in place will help protect your employees and your company. Tiller Engineering Inc. will work with your team to put together a safety plan.

Fall Protection
TEI can provide a variety of fall protection services. We can create custom solution to fit your needs, install a turnkey solution, or inspect existing fall protection systems.

Our Safety Promise

The personal health and safety of each TEI employee is of primary importance.  The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of the utmost priority and will be held above any workplace activity where necessary. To the greatest degree possible and in keeping with the highest standards, employees and management will provide all facilities required for personal safety and health in the workplace.

We will maintain a health and safety program that conforms to the best practices of our state of the art organization. To be successful, such a program must start with proper attitudes and culture toward injury and illness prevention on the part of both employees and supervisors. We are committed to cooperation with the Workplace Health and Safety Committee and Representatives in carrying out our collective responsibility for occupational health and safety. Only through such a cooperative effort can a safety program be established and preserved in the best interest of everyone.

Tiller Engineering Inc. is COR™ certified and a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) STAR Initiative program.