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Adam Gale attends ComTrain Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue Training program and becomes approved WHSCC Fall Protection Trainer.

Aerial Inspector, Adam Gale has recently completed the ComTrain Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue Training program. Since 1996 ComTrain has provided climbing safety, fall protection & rescue training for hundreds of companies and government organizations around the globe as well as all branches of the United States Armed Forces. All ComTrain courses meet ANSI/ASSE and OSHA Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and environmental training. This training will allow Adam to become an in-house Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue Trainer and Tiller Engineering to better serve its clients while ensuring safety is at a premium.

Adam Gale has also been approved as a Workplace Health and Safety Compensation Committee Fall Protection trainer for Tiller Engineering Inc.’s in-house fall protection training program.  Congratulations Adam!!