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Tiller Engineering Inc. on-site for Canadian Coast Guard Loran-C Tower Demolitions

Tiller Engineering Inc. was awarded a contract by the Canadian Coast Guard to inspect and provide Quality Assurance services and on-site representation during demolition of an 850 ft. LORAN-C tower in Cape Race, NL and the 625 ft. LORAN-C tower in Comfort Cove, NL. Tiller Engineering Inc. acted as the On-Site-Representative for this demolition. The demolition of the LORAN-C Cape Race tower took place from October 22, 2012 to October 26th 2012 and the demolition of the LORAN-C tower in Comfort Cove October 29, 2012-November 1, 2012. A video of the both demolitions is below.

Cape Race Loran C Tower Demolition

Comfort Cove Loran C Tower Demolition