Tiller Engineering - Trust in Strength


Tiller Engineering Inc. has successfully completed thousands of projects on a local, national and international scale while maintaining our commitment to quality, safety and innovation.

TEI’s extensive experience with the analysis, design, and inspection of steel, concrete, and wood superstructures has a valuable application for both publicly and privately owned infrastructure.

Whether it’s the inspection of overhead street signs or conditional surveys of buildings, bridges and wharves, both governments and private industries have trusted Tiller to inspect, analyze and protect the lifespan of their infrastructure and facilities.

We use the latest structural engineering software and an experienced team to inspect, analyze and design infrastructure for both the public and private sectors. Our services include:

Public Infrastructures
Inspections, priority-based assessment reports and preventative maintenance schedules for a variety of structures including, but not limited to:
Structural condition assessments
Overhead street signs
Wharfs and piers
Light standards and street lights
Water tanks
Design and layout of transmission lines

Heavy Industrial
Structural condition inspections
Inspections of steel-framed connections
Plumb alignment and torque of bolts
Steel decking inspections