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Bell Mobility – St. John’s, NL

QA for Design, Fabrication and Installation of Self-Support Tower

Client: Bell Mobility
Location: Kenmount Rd., St. John`s, NL
Date of Completion: 2010
Project Maintenance/Construction Cost: Unknown

Scope of Work: Quality assurance to oversee the erection of a 40m self-support tower at Kenmount Road, St. John`s, NL. Tiller Engineering Inc. was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the installation as per project specifications and design drawings – as well as completing a final inspection.

TEI was awarded a contract to provide quality assurance on the erection of a 40m self-support tower for Bell Mobility. TEI was hired to ensure that all aspects of the towers design and installation conformed to CSA S37-01 Standards as well as to inspect the towers throughout various stages.

TEI was responsible for all project drawings – where a complete layout of the site and all its components were detailed. This included detailed specifications on the towers location, placement on the site, and components. Also included were the foundation drawings, which detailed the foundations specific rebar reinforcing as well as the information for the site`s radio building.

Quality Assurance:
TEI was responsible for protecting the best interests of the client throughout the project. Tiller Engineering Inc. coordinated all contractors as well as managed all the permits for the site. TEI ensured that all aspects of the project were done in a safe, timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

TEI inspected and documented all aspects of the project from the foundation, construction, to the finished tower. In addition, TEI will also routinely inspect the tower in the future to ensure integrity is maintained year after year.