Project Management

  • Atlantic Place Fall Arrest Inspections

    Tiller Engineering Inc. was retained by Martek Morgan Finch to perform supplementary anchor load testing along with a visual condition inspection of 2 fixed eye anchors on the Atlantic Place Rooftop.

  • Fort Amherst Properties Building Condition Assessment

    Tiller Engineering Inc. was asked to undertake a structural and visual inspection of the 650 Water Street property owned by Ozark Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Fort Amherst Properties Inc. (FAP).

  • Environment Canada Radar Towers

    Tiller Engineering worked closely with Environment Canada and Vertical Specialties Inc. (VSI) to perform scheduled aerial inspections and nationwide maintenance on 27 radar towers!

  • NS TIR Maintenance and Engineering

  • Tower Maintenance Inspections and Reports

    NS TIR and NS DNR project in Nova Scotia, ongoing since Spring 2009, with focus on tower maintenance inspections and reports.

  • Bell Mobility – 300 Sites Across Atlantic Canada

    Consulting Engineering Services to Create Current Tower Drawing Packages and Collect Information On-Site.