• Come by Chance Robotic Guy Wire Inspections

    Tiller's RUDY robot ensures safe operations by detecting guy wire tensions at Come by Chance.

  • Engineering Lift Plans for Exhaust Stack at Voisey’s Bay – Rothlochston

    In 2021, Tiller provided engineering services for engineered lift plans for exhaust stacks that were to be situated at Voisey’s Bay, Labrador. Tiller worked closely with numerous stakeholders to ensure a timely and safe lift at the site.

  • Environment Canada Radar Towers

    Tiller Engineering worked closely with Environment Canada and Vertical Specialties Inc. (VSI) to perform scheduled aerial inspections and nationwide maintenance on 27 radar towers!

  • 5 New Wind Monitoring Towers – Labrador

    In 2013, Tiller Engineering Inc. was retained by Nalcor to act as on-site representative (OSR) for the installation of five new wind monitoring towers in Labrador. Jonny Fillier was responsible for ensuring that Hatch, the contractor for the project, was operating in compliance with industry standards and specifications. From October 1 to November 5, Jonny … Continued

  • Hydro Wind Tower Installation Spec Ramea

    In 2009, Tiller Engineering successfully completed the Hydro Wind Tower Installation Spec Ramea project, which involved the erection and installation of three Northwind 100 wind turbines for the Ramea Wind, Hydrogen, Diesel Project. The project was undertaken to reduce the community’s reliance on diesel fuel and incorporate renewable energy sources into their infrastructure. The Northwind … Continued