• Atlantic Place Fall Arrest Inspections

    Tiller Engineering Inc. was retained by Martek Morgan Finch to perform supplementary anchor load testing along with a visual condition inspection of 2 fixed eye anchors on the Atlantic Place Rooftop.

  • Fort Amherst Properties Building Condition Assessment

    Tiller Engineering Inc. was asked to undertake a structural and visual inspection of the 650 Water Street property owned by Ozark Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Fort Amherst Properties Inc. (FAP).

  • Corner Brook City Hall Structural

    Tiller Engineering Inc. played a crucial role in the construction of a new $17M city hall building in Corner Brook, offering expert structural engineering services that encompassed both design and tendering.

  • Case Inc – Pier 17 MI SWACO Drilling Fluid Facility

    Tiller Engineering offered Civil, Electrical, and Structural Engineering for the 10,000 Barrel Liquid Mud Expansion at St. John's Pier 17 Drilling Fluids Facility.

  • Long Harbour Neutralization Building

    Tiller Engineering Inc. was instrumental in providing engineering services for the steel connection designs of the Long Harbour Neutralization building.