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Bell Aliant – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Rooftop Antenna Installation

Client: Bell Aliant
Location: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Date of Completion: Fall 2011
Project Construction Cost: Unknown

Scope of Work:
Design, fabrication drawings, inspections and project management for the installation of a rooftop antenna on a heritage building in downtown Lunenburg, NS.

TEI was awarded a contract to design, create fabrication drawings, inspect and perform project management for the installation of a rooftop antenna on a heritage building in downtown Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Since maintaining the existing aesthetics of the building was a key concern to local residents, TEI designed an innovative solution to have the antenna hidden inside a “pseudo” chimney on the building’s roof. The original chimney was dismantled, the antenna was installed inside a steel pipe, and a new chimney was built around the newly installed antenna. The original aesthetics of the heritage building were maintained, while meeting needs of the client.

Project Preparation:
An initial project “kick off” meeting with the client was held, where key issues, resources, scheduling, client coordination, reporting requirements, general contractual issues and safety protocols were all established.

In response to residents’ concerns over maintaining the existing aesthetics qualities of the heritage building, TEI designed a solution to hide the antenna within an unused chimney on the building – taking into account all structural issues and the specific dynamics of the site.

Fabrication Drawings:
AutoCad drawings were produced in order for the contractor to fabricate and install the antenna. The drawings were also used to price the job and were presented in the form of a Construction Installation Package preferred by the client.

TEI completed all inspections for the project and maintained quality assurance throughout the construction. TEI inspected all aspects of the project and provided a detailed final inspection and analysis, ensuring the site conformed to CSA S37-01 Standards.

Project Management:
TEI was responsible for the day-to-day site management of the build and protecting the best interests of Bell Aliant throughout the project. TEI coordinated all contractors as well as managed all the permits for the site. TEI ensured that all aspects of the project were done in a safe, timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. A post construction installation report was prepared for the client including updated as-built drawings.