Tower Maintenance Inspections and Reports

Tower Maintenance Inspections and Reports

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Department of Natural Resources - Nova Scotia

Client: NS TIR and NS DNR
Location: Nova Scotia
Date of Completion: Spring 2009 to Present Day
Scope of Work:
Tower maintenance inspections and reports. Tower and site maintenance completed in conjunction with a sub-contractor. Tower structural analysis and scopes of work as required.

Tiller Engineering was awarded a three-year contract (with a two year renewal option) for the maintenance of all radio towers and fire towers owned by the Province of Nova Scotia (88 structures).

Maintenance Inspection Reports were completed on all sites, complete with color photos and drawings to document the condition of the site. Included were recommendations for maintenance and cost estimates.

Field Inspection and Structural Mapping:
The towers were given a detailed inspection by our field team as per Appendix D of CSA S37-01. The following items were inspected:

  • Type and age of tower, field measurements/mapping
  • Coordinates of tower
  • Visual examination of tower members and connections
  • Visual examination of ladders, gratings and handrails
  • Visual examination of safety rails and anti-climbs
  • Foundations (visible portions)
  • Antennas and other appurtenances including cupolas
  • Tower alignment
  • Tower verticality and twist
  • Waveguide bridging
  • Transmission lines
  • Grounding, electrical and lighting installation
  • Painting and galvanizing
  • Building and site infrastructure inspection
  • Re-lamping of the towers
  • General comments


Structural Analysis:
A Structural Analysis was conducted to the requirements of CSA S37-01 using site-specific environmental loadings provided by Environment Canada and approved by the owner. The analysis was performed using the industry standard software GUYMAST, in conjunction with TS Tower finite element package. Antenna mounts, ice shields, and reinforcing have been designed where required.

Tower Maintenance:
A maintenance specification with cost estimates was developed for each year of inspection. Budgets were managed and annual tower maintenance was completed through Tiller Engineering and a sub-contractor. The state of towers and their infrastructure has been greatly improved over the course of the contract.