Bell Mobility – 300 Sites Across Atlantic Canada

Bell Mobility – 300 Sites Across Atlantic Canada

Consulting Engineering Services to Create Current Tower Drawing (CTD) Packages and Collect Information On-Site

Client: Bell Mobility
Location: ~300 Sites in Atlantic Canada
Date of Completion: July 2011
Scope of Work:
Tiller Engineering was the Engineering Consultant for this project and completed detailed field mapping and as-built AutoCAD Drawings for approximately three-hundred (300) sites.

Bell Mobility required an independent engineering firm to provide updated drawings of their existing tower network for its recent capital HSPA system installation. These Bell Mobility sites are located at multiple locations throughout Atlantic Canada.

Project Preparation:
An initial project “kick off” meeting with the client was held – where resources, scheduling, client coordination, reporting requirements, general contractual issues and safety protocols were all established.

Field Mapping of Tower and Site:
The towers were given a detailed inspection including:

  • Type and age of tower
  • Coordinates of tower
  • Structural mapping of tower members and connections
  • Guy information for guyed towers
  • Ladders and safety rails
  • Tower paint scheme
  • Antennas and other appurtenances
  • Antenna transmission line arrangement
  • Antenna azimuths
  • Grounding and teck cables
  • Waveguide bridging
  • Electrical and lighting installation
  • Site dimensions/layout


A complete AutoCAD Drawing containing all information as per the client’s requirements was prepared. Each drawing contained four (4) sheets which included a detailed tower profile, tower cross sections, antenna list, antenna cross sections, and a complete site layout. The drawing files were released to the client on a week to week basis. The client received an AutoCAD file and PDF version of the drawing for the appropriate site. Each week as drawings were released, the client was sent a projected schedule and tracking information for the remaining tower sites.