Canadian Coast Guard – Fox Harbour, NL

Canadian Coast Guard – Fox Harbour, NL

Demolition Inspection of 219.9m LORAN-C Tower

Client: The Canadian Coast Guard
Location: Fox Harbour, NL
Date of Completion: November, 10th 2011
Scope of Work:
LORAN-C tower and on-site representation of its controlled demolition. Tiller Engineering Inc. acted as the On-Site-Representative for the project.

Tiller Engineering was awarded a contract by the Canadian Coast Guard to inspect and provide on-site representation during demolition of a 219.9m LORAN-C tower in Fox Harbour, NL. Tiller Engineering acted as the On-Site-Representative for this demolition.

Demolition Inspection Reports were completed on-site, complete with color photos and drawings to document the condition of the site. The report outlined the day’s events and times, as well as relevant background and site information

The demolition of the LORAN-C tower took place from November 8th, 2011 to November, 10th 2011. On the first day, all but three guy wires were removed – and an extra guy wire was added for temporary stability.

On the second day all oil was removed from the base insulator and safely removed off site. The guy wires on the first level were removed, along with three guys from levels two and three that were on 40 ft. slings to reduce the tension in the guys. The site was also secured at this point. All doors to the facility where locked in preparation for a controlled demolition.

On the last day the appropriate signage and perimeter were created to ensure that no unauthorized personal were on site. When this measure of safety was established the top level guys were cut, finally the middle anchoring guy was cut – allowing the tower to safely drop without incident.